AR Racing ARX540

YEAR: 2007
SCALE: 1/4
STATUS: Supported
SPECS: Weight 3.2 KG. Dimensions L x W x H 52x18x30 without doll


DESCRIPTION: AR Racing is an Italian company that started out modding and racing Radioshack Ricky bikes, so the ARX540 has a close relationship to the Ricky bike. The ARX540 is the only retail bike to have both an electric and nitro version since the Kyosho Graupner YZ250 rc dirt bike from the 1980’s. The ARX540 includes the same bellcrank steering system as the Ricky bike, but improved the fronst suspension by being the first rc dirt bike to include upside down usd front forks. They are not oil-filled however. For the first few years of release the ARX540 used the HPI quad rider figure that would move around, but a year or two ago AR Racing switched to a Kyosho quad rider figure that keeps a tighter racing stance. AR Racing has kit options for motard or motocross, electric or nitro, along with choices for mechanical gyro or electrical gyro (e-gyro).

A mechanical gyro spins a flywheel with a gear system inside the rear wheel whereas the e-gyro uses an outrunner motor and separate esc to spin the flywheel in the back wheel. This gives the bike constant gyro stability all the time and greatly improves throttle response. While a few individuals had figured out how to make an e-gyro, it was AR Racing that were able to release such a great feature to the public to buy. By far the biggest impact on the future of racing (and bashing these bikes too) is the e-gyro and AR Racing set the bar very high for future manufacturers. In fact, other manufacturers did take notice like the HobbyKing QRF400 with the mechanical gyro and transmission copies of ARX540 parts. More recently, Skyrc’s Super Rider SR4 includes an e-gyro that is incredibly similar to AR Racing’s e-gyro system.

All of the parts on the ARX540 are high quality machined parts, so there isn’t really any hop-ups needed. However, a front brake kit is available. That kind of craftsmanship does come at a price as the bike isn’t cheap, especially due to a weak dollar. The active community of ARX540 owners in Italy, Germany and Austria demonstrate the ability of the ARX540 to race and win races with a three race series called the Alpen Cup held each year for three months during the summer season. The owners of AR Racing have done an amazing thing with the ARX540 and is a huge factor in getting rc dirt bikes to the level of performance now achievable.


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