Duratrax DX450

duratrax dx450
YEAR: 2009
SCALE: 1/5
WEBSITE: http://www.duratrax.com/vehicles/motorcycles/dtxd02-dx450/
STATUS: Supported
SPECS: weight= 2349kg, LxWxH= 17.3in, 6.9in, 15.4 in, gear ratio= 14.4:1

WHERE TO BUY: Duratrax Dealer Locator or online shops like Towerhobbies

DESCRIPTION: The Duratrax DX450 sold here in the USA is actually made by Anderson Racing as the M5 Cross in the UK and European markets. The only noticeable changes made to the DX450 was to the electronics included and to the front wheel with the direction the axle clamps face. Other than that, the M5 and DX450 can be considered the same thing.

The DX450 is the only 1/5 rc dirt bike available. The scale of the bike is both a strength and weakness. The smaller scale gives the bike the benefit of running nicely on smaller tracks. On smooth surfaces it has great drifting ability. The disadvantage of the size is the smaller suspension doesn’t handle rough terrain as easily as the larger 1/4 scale bikes. The steering used is the traditional pivot shaft direct steering. The overall design of the bike is made to maximize stability. The aluminum chassis is cut out to save as much weight as possible. The battery sits on the bottom of the frame to help lower the center of gravity (cog), and the rider is made of lexan.

All of those design features combine with a unique heavy mechanical gyro to give the DX450 super stability. What makes the gyro unique is the removable steel weights which are held on the gyro flywheel with a steel ring. With full weights installed the gyro weights about 536gr, which is heavier than any 1/4 gyro I believe. So the M5 packs a gyro capable of stabilizing a 1/4 scale bike.

If you do purchase one of these bikes it is well supported with a lot of optional parts. Hop-up parts include oil filled aluminum front forks, aluminum swingarm, lightweight aluminum gyro flywheel, and aluminum steering neck. Other option parts include oil filled steering dampers, metal spur gears or slipper clutches, and you can even still find HPI Quad Rider figures as replacements for the lexan rider if you choose. These parts improve performance, remove headshake in steering, and improve the look of the bike. However it all adds up quickly and that is something to be mindful of because the price to upgrade could easily reach or exceed the cost of a larger 1/4 bike with an e-gyro. Nevertheless, if the smaller scale bike fits your needs then that is all that matters.


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