Himoto MX400

YEAR: 2011
SCALE: 1/4
WEBSITE: http://www.himotoracing.com/product/motocross/electric/motocross_e003/details.php
STATUS: Supported
SPECS: Length= 519mm, Width= 178mm, Height= 291mm, Wheelbase= 356mm

WHERE TO BUY: USA – www.nitrorcx.com or at www.atomik-rc.com

DESCRIPTION: The Himoto MX400 is distributed here in the USA by NitroRCX.com and comes in green and red. Different options are available for electronics from brushed to brushless systems. As for the rider figure, it appears that the initial release of the bike it came with the same lexan rider used on the 1/5 scale Anderson M5 Cross and Duratrax DX450 rc dirt bikes. NitroRCX.com shows pictures of the bike with that lexan rider, however it appears a newer poseable plastic rider figure has been made. Over at Atomik RC, they are selling Himoto products and the picture of the bike on that site shows the newer rider on the bike. So check out both WHERE TO BUY links above if your interested in the bike.

As for the design of the bike, it is very similar to the Anderson M5 Cross but at 1/4 scale. The MX400 uses the traditional pivot shaft direct steering and crashback as the M5. The front forks are not oil filled. The frame looks to be cut aluminum plates to save on weight just like the M5 as well with the battery tray on the bottom to help lower the center of gravity for better stability. The bike includes a mechanical gyro in the rear wheel.

Unfortunately I do not have much more information other than the info from the manufacture and NitroRCX that is selling the bike. There are a few videos out there that show its a decent bike for bashing, but there really isn’t any community involvement anywhere in forums with people discussing the bike. Maybe they are all happy and have nothing to talk about, so thats a possibility too! Bad part if that is true is I have no setups, how-to’s, or tips to share with you!