HobbyKing QRF400

hobbyking qrf400
YEAR: 2010
SCALE: 1/4
STATUS: Discontinued – Newer version is the ZD Phantom 400
SPECS: Length=530mm, Weight=2349g, motor=540 Brushless 2100kv, Wheel Front= 160mm, Wheel Rear= 145mm, ESC= 60A/100A Peak, Battery=3s

WHERE TO BUY: Individuals, ebay

DESCRIPTION: The QRF400 came and went in what seemed like a years time from its release in 2010 to maybe 2011 when HobbyKing stopped restocking the bike and parts. The QRF400 is based on AR Racing’s ARX540. The QRF400 frame is designed differently than the ARX bike, but the transmission (chains/sprockets) and the mechanical gyro’s were reported to be interchangeable. The QRF400 uses the same bellcrank steering system used on the ARX540, which in turn came from the RadioShack Ricky bike. One of the initial problems owners of the QRF400 reported was soft metal axles. Eventually HobbyKing released a strong axle pack, but it was during this time people who owned both the ARX and QRF400 discovered that some parts could be interchanged.

Some leftover parts are still available on HobbyKing’s site at http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__395__394__Bikes_Parts-QRF400_Parts.html

SETUP / HOW-TO’s / TIPS: A majority of the tips for the QRF400 might be found on the hobbyking – rc motorcycle forum section at http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=65&SID=dca5b2926784a85c4947466z94978aba