Kyosho YZ250

kyosho YZ250
YEAR: 1980’s
SCALE: 1/4.5
STATUS: Discontinued

WHERE TO BUY: Individuals, ebay

DESCRIPTION: In terms of rc dirt bike history, this is where it all started for the hobby. Two versions released include the Kyosho YZ250, which was an electric version with 540 motor, and the Kyosho Graupner YZ250 with a gas motor. Neither included a rider figure as part of the bike kit, but a seperate rider kit was available. The bike looks more like a detailed model than a rc dirt bike with how realistic the details are. It included a tube style bike frame, real spoked wheels, framed rear swingarm for monoshock design, full front/rear suspension, innertube type tires, along with rubber fork dust covers and decorative 2-stroke pipe. The radio gear was neatly hidden under the seat. It had no gyro system so it would have only worked on a surface with lots of grip. You couldn’t ask for a cooler looking rc to start the history of bikes off with in my opinion. This was the first and last rc dirt bike from Kyosho. You can see more photos on this post