Nuova Faor CSF411

nuovo faor csf411
MODEL: Nuova Faor CSF 411 Motocross and SuperMoto
YEAR: 2012
SCALE: 1/4
STATUS: Supported
SPECS: total length= 510mm, height= 450mm with pilot, height= 300mm unmanned bike, front tire diameter= 170mm, rear tire diameter= 150mm, dry weight= 2,200Kg, 2.5 cc petrol engine

WHERE TO BUY: SEE NOTE BELOW –, or Supermoto version at

DESCRIPTION: Made in Italy, the Nuovo Faor CSF411 rc dirt bike comes with nitro engine. The model is made of 90% aluminum, its components are manufactured with CNC machines. When first announced in 2011 if I recall, the Cross version was sold as a kit and in 18 monthly installments. Very strange! There is now a Supermoto version that is sold as a complete kit it appears on GotNitro. Aside from all the cnc parts, the most striking parts of the bike are the amazing spoked wheels. The biggest feature missing from the bike is a gyro of some sort. Without a gyro, these bikes are for street only, but maybe grass too, but definately not on dirt. Essentially, its a supermoto street use only rc bike.

NOTES: For the Motocross version of bike, on the website it says the following, “With this module you can proceed to the order of CSF411 New Faor in 18 outputs that will be mailed directly to your home!”