Radioshack Ricky

YEAR: 2003
SCALE: 1/4
STATUS: Discontinued

WHERE TO BUY: Individuals, ebay

DESCRIPTION: The Ricky bike is a great example of how a determined group of rc dirt bike enthusiasts can take a bike and push the hobby forward. The Ricky bike has had a big impact both on design and racing. For example, the ARX540 bike from AR Racing started from racing and modding Ricky bikes in Germany and Italy. Check out this Look Back: 2006 German Ricky Race Gallery.

Thanks to the mechanical gyro built into the rear wheel, running a rc dirt bike on dirt surfaces was finally possible. All bikes to this day have gyros based on this feature. A metal frame is well concealed by the decorative plastic engine on the sides and body up top. A unique design feature of the bike is the bellcrank steering system (used on ARX540, QRF400), which is unlike the traditional pivot shaft direct steering seen on more recent rc bikes (used on Kyosho, M5/DX450, MM450, MX400, SR4). The rider figure is a plastic poseable action figure with moveable arms, legs, and head. The bike retailed for $129.99 back in the day with liscenced Honda and Ricky Carmichael replica graphics.

SETUPS / HOW-TO’S / TIPS: Just about every rc dirt bike can use a better rear shock. One easy bolt on upgrade for the bike is to replace the stock rear shock with a Revo shock.

The following is my Youtube channel playlist RC Dirt Bike Help / Tips / How-to’s with a bunch of videos for the Ricky bike including upgrading the bike to brushless system and converting to nitro. You can also search old discussions on the Ricky bike by doing a search of the RCGroups – Motorcycle forum.