Skyrc SR4

skyrc super rider sr4
YEAR: 2012
SCALE: 1/4
STATUS: Discontinued – Newer version is the SKYRC SR5
SPECS: Length= 525mm, Front Wheel= 160mm, Rear Wheel= 150mm, Net Weight= 2700g, 540 BL 3200KV, 60A ESC, 2.4Ghz Radio, 2-3S LiPo Battery

WHERE TO BUY: Skyrc Find A Dealer page, or at

DESCRIPTION: The Skyrc SR4 is a new 1/4 scale rc dirt bike from China. It comes in three colors: red, blue, and green. It is sold ready-to-run including the bike, rider, the company’s 3200kv 540 motor and 60a esc, 2.4ghz radio. It accepts 2s and 3s lipo batteries. The frame is anodized aluminum, bottom battery tray for low center-of-gravity, it has oil-filled usd forks, and uses traditional pivot shaft direct steering with built-in front crashback system.

The SR4 is one of only 3 bikes that have released for sale with an e-gyro (electric gyro) stability system that is setup in the rear wheel, instead of a mechanical gyro that requires the bike to gain speed to make the gyro flywheel increase stability. The first to include an e-gyro was AR Racing’s ARX540 and the Atomik MM450 also released this year with an e-gyro. The SR4’s e-gyro looks almost like a copy of the ARX540 e-gyro. What makes the SR4 e-gyro unique from the others is that the users can adjust the RPM of the electronic gyro with the “gyro effect governor.” There are 4 kinds of RPM that can be selected from 8000RPM, 10000RPM, 11000RPM and 12000RPM.

The bike looks to have distributors in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Outside those regions, like here in the US, the ability of getting parts becomes an issue of cost and time. How reliable is the bike too? I’ve not heard enough good things yet. Also, at least here in the USA, the price to get one isn’t that cheap so other alternatives like the Atomik MM450 with parts local to our country make a lot more sense to invest in. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be many people talking about the bike, so until things pick up I cannot share many tips or setups for it. I have heard the rear shock is not very good (as is the case with about every single bike released), and the videos demonstrate this as well, so Id suggest finding a 16mm big bore 1/8 scale front shock if it can fit.