Venom VMX450

venom vmx450 green
YEAR: 2011
SCALE: 1/4
WEBSITE: Not available.
STATUS: Available (2016) Discontinued (2012)
SPECS: Length= 21.57in (548mm), Height= 18.00in (458mm) w/ rider, Width= 11.32in (287.5mm) w/ guide wires, Wheelbase= 14.56in (370mm), Motor= 4800Kv 550, Batteries= 2s only, ESC= 80A


DESCRIPTION: The VMX450 by Venom was discontinued only a year after its release. In 2012 the parent company split off the rc products away from Venom into a new name of Atomik RC. Venom still operates but only deals with batteries, chargers, and related accessories. When the rc products moved to Atomik RC, the VMX450 was discontinued but was updated(!) and re-released as the Atomik Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha MM450.

When the VMX450 was released it was packaged as ready-to-run (RTR) with 2.4ghz 3ch radio, bike, rider, stand and retailed for $350 on release early 2011. It came in three color options of red, green, and blue. The size of the bike is a little bit larger than any other bike released especially with regards to the wheels and rider figure. The lead designer was Chris Nicastro and in terms of features out of the box, he raised the bar and set a new standard for rc dirt bikes, so a big THANK YOU Chris for your efforts! The VMX450 uses traditional pivot shaft direct steering with oil filled damper on the servo, it included upside down oil filled forks, 550 class motor, foam tire inserts like buggies and cars, beadlock wheels, foam rider, and a unique plastic frame design where the battery sit upright which allowed for a very realistic molded frame.

The VMX450 featured a mechanical gyro inside the rear wheel just like all other rc dirt bikes going back to the Radioshack Ricky bike. However, the initial release of the bike wasn’t smooth. The main issue was the gyro included plastic idler gears that shredded after some use. It took a while, but Venom eventually gave all owners a new set of replacement metal gears free of charge. Even with the metal gears, the gyro did require regular service so it was a little bit high maintanence. Mechanical gyro’s on 1/4 scale bikes work fine for bashing on open spaces. Unfortunately, a lot of owners wanted to take these bikes out to local tracks and start racing but found it just wasn’t possible. The good news in all of this was when the VMX450 was discontinued the gyro was completely swapped out for an electric gyro system (e-gyro) on the updated Atomik MM450 the following year.

Hop-ups made for the VMX450 include aluminum triple clamps in red and gun metal, aluminum body posts, and chain adjusters. An inexpensive front brake kit was also made available that uses the the 3rd channel for brake mixing and really improved performance. Chain adjusters are a must have. The bike is setup for general bashing but the rear shock doesn’t help the bike out much, so finding a big bore (16mm) 1/8 front buggy shock is really beneficial to the bikes performance. Finally, if you already own the VMX450, it is possible to upgrade the mechanical gyro to the newer Atomik MM450 e-gyro system it has.

(Note: except for the gyro of the VMX450, all setups, tips, and how-tos work for both VMX450 and newer Atomik MM450.)
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