X-Rider BX4

MODEL: X-RIDER BX4 (BX4003 & BX4004)
YEAR: 2015
SCALE: 1/4
WEBSITE: Not Available
STATUS: Supported
SPECS: weight: 5000 gr. VIEW AR RACING ARX540 SPECS
WHERE TO BUY: Hong Kong – http://www.asiatees.com/article?id=1922,
USA – http://2wheelhobbies.com/

DESCRIPTION: READ AR RACING ARX540 DESCRIPTION. The X-RIDER BX4 appears to be either a clone of the ARX540 from AR Racing, or the exact same bike as ARX540 manufactured in China only with some changes of electronics and decals. AsiaTees in Hong Kong is the main retailer for this bike. I could not find any reference links for “X-RIDER” website. The BX4 comes in two versions: the BX4004 motard and BX4003 offroad version. Both versions come equipped with an electric e-gyro in the back wheel for stability (read Benefits of E-gyro). Both motard and offroad versions are listed as fully assembled, ready-to-run and include an unpainted body, 50a Hobbywing esc, 4300kv motor, 2ch transmitter and 2S 3200mAH 25C LiPo.


HOW-TO’S: ARX540 How-To’s