ZD Phantom400

phantom400 info2
YEAR: 2013
SCALE: 1/4 (NOTE: Everywhere is saying 1/5, but specs are 1/4 scale!)
WEBSITE: Alibaba.com information page
STATUS: Supported
SPECS: Length=510mm, Height=300mm, Wheel Base=360mm, Gear Ratio=5.8:1, Motor=Brushless 3500kv, ESC= 40A, Battery=3s


DESCRIPTION: This new bike from China is actually an updated version of the HobbyKing QRF400. It comes in green or red with matching colored rider figure. The rider looks the same as was included in qrf except the plastic material has a mat finish on this new version. Where the qrf had a bellcrank steering system and a mechanical gyro, the Phantom400 has direct steering up front and an electric gyro (e-gyro) for stability inside back wheel. The gyro looks similar in design to the Atomik MM450 but the wheels appear smaller so its doubtful the flywheel diameters are similar. The Phantom400 runs on 3s batteries like the qrf, but the motor is a higher kv.

SETUP / HOW-TO’s / TIPS: Since the bike is just like the QRF400, you may find some old tips useful on the HobbyKing – RC Motorcycle forum at http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=65&SID=dca5b2926784a85c4947466z94978aba